I love to direct with a camera in one hand and a storyboard in the other.  I love creating films in the most raw and unaffected conditions with natural light and only the minimum amount of gear.  It forces me to problem solve in real time and leads to some of my most genuine work.

Directing is more than rolling camera and yelling “Action or Cut” and building a visual masterpiece of technical genius.  It is about bringing my client’s visions to life with collaborative creative solutions that tell unique and authentic stories that marry brand and craft.


Not all cinematography is created equal.

Modern cameras make it easier than ever to capture stunning visuals, but to tell a meaningful story requires films to be more than eye candy.  They need to feed the eyes and the heart.

When I hit record, my goal is to create a contextual framework that sets the stage for information to come to life.


Working with companies to build brand and identity has become a significant part of what I do on a daily basis.  Great content can be a free-for-all mad race—there are certain things that everyone has done, is doing, and will be cycling through on repeat, but perspective and comprehensive strategy is what catches the eye, compels a glance to linger, and makes projects successful.